Lorinda Knight Gallery

Lorinda Knight Gallery, Summer 2009



A & P (Atlantic & Pacific)

Standing before the ocean can be a mesmerizing experience. Contemplating the abstract paintings of Marc Boone can have a similar effect. The artist splits his time between the East coast, where he lives now, and the Northwest, where he grew up and where he plans to return one day soon.

The movement in the paintings takes place above and below the horizon line and at the line itself. Sometimes the surf rolls toward us. The space shimmers with uncertainty, inviting the viewer in and stopping the eye at the worked impasto surface. In addition to using brushes, he manipulates the paint with palette knife and fingers. Ranging in size from 60” high by 50” wide to smaller works, the paintings are often deceptively simple in form and quiet in mood. Wax combined with the oil paint provides a sensuous surface and often creates a slightly ragged edge.

As he begins each painting, Boone uses his memory of light, color and weather to lay down the initial layers of paint, and he lets the work develop as he goes along.